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What can ProArgi9 Plus do for me?

Do you have neuropathy, pain or numbness in your legs or arms? Do you have poor circulation?
L-arginine relaxes your arteries and veins so your blood flows freely. Doctors call this vasodilation. In the HDHI study of high-risk heart patients, ProArgi9 Plus increased blood flow to the legs by 16% measured by the brachial ankle index.

"After using ProArgi9 Plus for 60 days, my toes that had turned black cleared up and the toenails that had fallen off began to grow back. The doctors had told me I would have to live with the pain in my legs, but the pain simply went away with ProArgi9."
Jay Whitmore, AZ

Do you have shortness of breath or pulmonary hypertension?
L-arginine increases circulation so effectively that more oxygenated blood is delivered in the lungs.

"We took patients from a WHO Class IV down to a WHO Class II"
Dan Austin R.N.
Director of the High Desert Heart Institute

Do you have high blood pressure?
ProArgi9 Plus reduces blood pressure by relaxing and healing inflamed arteries. It cleans out plaque so your blood flows without restrictions. In the HDHI study, patients that were already using drugs to control high blood pressure further reduced systolic blood pressure by 13% and diastolic BP by 17% with ProArgi9 Plus. These patients were able to lower or eliminate their drug treatment with ProArgi9 Plus.

"My grandfather, father, uncle and cousin all died ages 49-66 from heart disease. I too had high blood pressure, shortness of breath and chest pains. Since I began using ProArgi9 Plus, my blood pressure has come down to 106/64 with a resting pulse of 56."
John Hewlett, MT

Do you have high cholesterol? High triglycerides?
High cholesterol is a symptom of inflamed arteries. L-arginine heals inflamed arteries, rapidly normalizing cholesterol levels and significantly reducing triglycerides.

"My triglycerides fell 95 points in the first 30 days and my HDL came up while my LDL fell. My blood pressure came down to 116/78. I couldn't be happier."
Scott Norton, UT

Do you have bone loss?
In Dr. Prendergast's practice of 18 years and over 8,000 patients*, osteoporosis and bone loss is no longer found after following a ProArgi9 Plus protocol, even though most of his patients are diabetic. In the HDHI study, Vitamin D3 levels increased 183%.

*As of 2009

"I have osteoporosis and I've been looking for a way to protect my bones after 4 years of Boniva and Actonel. ProArgi9 works for me."
Patti Zurci, UT

Do you have diabetes?
Dr. Prendergast has treated thousands of diabetics with the ProArgi-9 Plus formula in his endocrinology practice. ProArgi-9 Plus makes the body much more sensitive to glucose, so diabetics can reduce their insulin dose and in many cases stop taking insulin all together. Diabetics suffer from poor circulation and heart disease conditions, but with ProArgi-9 Plus these problems are greatly reduced and many times eliminated.
Dr. Joseph Prendergast

Do you have kidney failure?
"We've had patients with as little as 13% kidney function recover with ProArgi9 Plus." Dr. Prendergast

Larry Guffy has diabetes and had had 6 heart attacks, a heart transplant and renal failure. The heart rejection drugs he was taking began to damage his kidneys and he was scheduled for dialysis and a kidney transplant. Video 3:52

Do you have rheumatoid arthritis?
Sherry Burns Crippling rheumatoid arthritis so severe she had to hold a glass with both hands and could no longer work because she couldn't walk.

Do you have Post Traumatic Stress?
Melissa is an Iraq War Vet with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Ask your representative how ProArgi9 helps these health challenges:

• migraine headaches
• bacterial infections
• prostate function
• joint & muscle pain
• macular degeneration
• slow wound healing
• atherosclerosis
• irritable bowel syndrome
• diminished immune system
• decreased mental function and memory
• risk of heart attack or stroke
• psoriasis and dermatology conditions
• infertility
• hemorrhoids
• hormonal imbalance
• asthma
• energy and anti-aging

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